The Next 3-Week Course Begins…

Meetings @ 5 pm PST on Tuesday u0026amp; Re-cap and Bonuses on Friday @ 11 am PST

Welcome to The Feeling Diet!

This is a brand NEW course designed to help you with your inner dialogue on how you approach and cope with your relationship with food.

If you are new to my programs, welcome! This is not your standard nutrition program that is black and white or all or none. This is about turning your nutrition knowledge into self-wisdom.

If you have tried programs in the past that left you feeling like you failed, you have come to the right place.

The missing ingredient to those programs was your intuition and trust in your self.

During this 3-week program you will discover some of the hidden issues that have been holding you back from living the nourishing life you deserve.

If you have tried some of my other programs, you will recognize many of the concepts, tools, resources and NOW we are integrating the philosophy with your day to day way of thinking and living.

Join us!

3-Week Course


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