The Big Craves

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I wanted to share some interesting research why we crave certain things. I found a common theme about the 3 cravings that my clients consistently have.  These foods are not the problem, the missing nutrients that are body needs is triggering these cravings.  The goal is to enjoy these foods versus “needing” these foods.

1.  Chocolate:
If you are noticing that you crave chocolate 30 minutes after meals, this could be a blood sugar issue and/or an emotional issue of feeling “fulfilled”. Studies have shown that chocolate consumption is healthy because of its polyphenol and anti-oxidant properties. Chocolate is also a mild stimulant and mood elevator. Another reason we crave chocolate could be from a magnesium deficiency.  There is a lot of focus on calcium deficiency and osteoporosis, the cause is lack of vitamins and minerals in our diet and food, so our body goes to the bones to retrieve calcium to keep our heart pumping.  However please only supplement with high quality calcium supplements.

2.  Bread: 
We have all experienced fresh baked bread in front of us @ a restaurant, and before we noticed we ate 3 pieces.  For some people, compulsive eating is related to deficiencies in neurotransmitters. If you lack serotonin, dopamine, or one of the other essential chemical communicators in your brain you will notice this.  So before you add an antidepressant, review your nutrition intake and journal how you feel after meals.  If you feel depressed after you eat, then the foods you ate are not supporting you.  Conscious Nutrition doesn’t want you to ignore the bread, however to enjoy the bread (with organic butter) and eliminate the negative chatter that may be going on in the brain. 

3.  Caffeine:
My clients look at me with the stink eye if I dare take them off of caffeine.  As you have noticed Conscious Nutrition is not an all or none program but an empowerment program. 

Caffeine can trigger hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) through the activation of the sympathetic nervous system and the adrenal glands, causing an immediate and sustained constriction of blood vessels, decreased circulation to the brain and a heightened feeling of low blood sugar. Anxiety and a chronic state of increased stress is associated with a markedly increased tendency to overeat and grab foods that are not complete in balance.  Please eat a conscious food first thing in the morning before you grab your cup of coffee or tea.  This will provide your body the nutrients it needs after it worked hard all night restoring, renewing and revitalizing.

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