The Best Nutritionist in the World

Is you.  I believe you are the best guru for your body.  However, you may feel a disconnect on how to trust yourself to choose the “right” foods.

If I told you, you could eat whatever you want, I have a feeling after a couple of days of “over eating” you would begin to crave whole healthy foods.  You know the feeling after you get back from vacation and you just want to make “your own food” this is that craving.

You have the capability to learn about your nutrition at your finger tips. However, most people are confused and don’t trust what they need. You have been taught nutrition by the media, uninformed sources, and your best friend’s mom’s perception.  Now is the time for you to take responsibility and begin to notice how your body feels after meals, in the morning, and learn self care practices.

Conscious Nutrition has the resource to give you this jumpstart. Our food log program supports you daily to begin your journey to empowerment and self discovery.

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