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Do you experience cravings when you are having mood swings or feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster? What if those cravings are your organs giving you a hint that it needs more nourishment?

Does that mean that chocolate cake every day is what your organ’s need? Prolly not. But what it may need is sweet.

Conscious Nutrition Taste Buds

Most health care professionals suggest to just avoid sweet so you don’t crave it more. Which is true. Once you eat intensive sweets, you can crave it for the next 72 hours due to your glycogen stores in your liver, blood sugar spike and insulin receptivity.

I shared a dessert with a friend the other day, it was magical. The next day at about the exact same time, I had a sugar crave. Instead of feeling powerless, ate more sweet or judged myself, I drank heaps of suntea with lime and honey. The next day, it was gone. This has taken me YEARS of practice and heaps of self compassion. Check in with how you talk to yourself during these moments.

Which organ does sweet support? Your nervous system!

And most of us are having some stress issues, so calming our nerves is important. That is why hunters and gathers found the berries! We needed the sweet.

Conscious Nutrition’s Taste Chart

What is umami? Texture, ‘fried’, ‘meaty’ and hearty. I crave umami a lot! I had this amazing meal at the Omega Institute over 2 years ago and had to figure out how to re-create it. Beer-battered broccoli craving hit me and it was a huge success! If you have an air fryer, I think this recipe would turn out great, let me know!

Beer-battered broccoli
Beer Battered Broccoli

This chart is in my NEW Master Class. I expand on this more there and offer you recipes for each taste.

I beleive our body is FULL of wisdom. Recipes were not created from our thinking, they are created from these tastes, flavors and organ function. If you are feeling frustrated learnig and trusting your body, I so understand.

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We have all volunteered our time to be the active leaders to cultivate that love, light, and connection. In addition, each speaker has a special offer for the viewers.

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See you soon at the summit!

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

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