The 40:20:20:20 Diet

Have you ever had a day where your energy kicked ass, you felt great in your clothes, and when you laid your head on your pillow you felt satisfied. What were the factors that supported you toward these feelings of accomplishment? Besides a healthy attitude, I believe the quality of food you chose is just as important.

I am blessed with many days like this, so I analyzed my nutrition to see what best supported me to these desired and healthy outcomes.

The 40:20:20:20 Diet is what I came up with.

1. 40%: Raw food such as; Vegetables, avocado, nuts, coconut, seeds, nut butters, dates, oils, and vegetable juice blends.

2. 20%: Lentils, beans, cooked vegetables and grains (rice, Quinoa & squashes), coconut and almond milk, and seasonal fruit:

3. 20%: Fish, eggs, other meats (throughout the month), Raw Goat cheese, and Protein Powders (rice/pea blends).

4. 20%: LIFE: This includes Fish tacos, Bean Burritos, Thai Food, Chips & Guacamole, A good burger, Fresh baked bread, DARK CHOCOLATE, Red wine:), my Grandma’s Rhubarb Pie & Jelly, Steak with my Dad, Ice cream with my mom, and a beer on a hot day.
I almost called this section Fun Food, however it is all fun for me. Eating a Raw Burger is just as fun as the fish tacos with friends.

The goal is to find your balance and understand your body’s needs. Complete raw food makes me feel cold and dry inside, too much meat makes me feel heavy in yoga class, and too many beans just makes me feel smelly:)

What is your balance, what is it that makes you feel like you can conquer the world? Look at your entire week or month to discover your breakdown. To receive your 31-day journal, email for your complimentary daily logs to collect this information.

I am thinking of completing a triathlon WITHOUT traditionally training for it. My training program will include this nutrition balance, cardiovascular activity through yoga and walking, meditation and visualization. Stay tune and more information to follow! Maybe one of you will try it with me!

Have a 100% healthy day,
Heather Fleming

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  1. You are a NUT! That’s why I love ya! Love this break down too. Makes a lot of sense!

  2. I love this post. I’ve had many nights recently where I laid my head on my pillow totally stoked on everything. I know the way I eat and take care of myself are a major part of that. Triathlon? That’s rad, tell me when and I’ll come cheer you on!


  3. LOVE this!!! Makes so much sense and makes it easier to except “fun food” without guilt. When/where is triathlon??? <3