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My veggies have been slipping these last couple of days. I noticed my energy level dip and allergies coming in full force since my immune system got pooped. One of my simple tricks from the documentary, “Feeding Obesity“, was to add two cups of veggies to every meal I cooked for the participants. The participants came in with diet mentality, heaps of cravings, low energy and other symptoms of disease. And there was no way I was going to put them on another strict diet with crazy rules and confuse their minds and body even more.

Initially, I was a bit intimidated by the project when I jumped into it. The purpose of this movie was to debunk the Biggest Loser (which isn’t on anymore:) by showing it wasn’t about extreme exercise, restriction and deprivation. Instead, we focused on adding in nourishment, learn about the body’s sleep and poop cycles, do exercise you enjoy and learn how to cook simply for yourself. I had my handy Food Tree as a tool along with the two cups of veggies with every meal to get us started.

As the program progressed and the participants got savvy with nutrition and their intense sugar cravings went away, we kept experimenting and then added in the MOST important tool….SELF AWARENESS! We shifted the focus from the just the physical (food & exercise) to focus on their inner well-being. We brought in Jon Gabriel who helped them with visualization, dove into their subconscious programming and helped move some of those stuck emotions that cause the body stress.

Shifting your mind set is EVEN more important then the FOOD! Woah:) Yep, I feel food is super dooper important, but a mind full of trashy self-talk can impair a lot of good you do for your body. When the thoughts and beliefs don’t align with your food choices, this is the recipe for disaster. The secret is to balance your brain hemispheres in the moment.

Our left brain is super tricky when it comes to reasoning with our choices by…

  • Being overprotective
  • Critical
  • Trying to keep you safe
  • Logical
  • Analytical
  • Fear-based

If we were NOT emotional beings, this would be fine. We wouldn’t eat for pleasure, connection, celebration or with community. BUT, we ARE emotional beings. Thank goodness for our right brain!

Our right brain provides us with…

  • Creativity
  • Curiosity
  • Intuition
  • Variety

The best ways to help shift your habits is to work with your subconscious and support BOTH your left and right brain….

1. Start the day a NEW intention you have never tried before: Most of our intentions come from a place of shame, blame, fear or judgement. There is no way you can create a healthy body by beating the POOP our of yourself. Many of my clients feel so much shame around how their health, weight, exercise habits or self care got away from them. Each day if you wake up saying you are going to do something different today, BUT it is from a place of judgement versus self love, we are swimming up stream. If you wake up and take deep breaths, do a quick body scan and set a goal from what your mind and body are ready for, you are in the FLOW. Here are a couple of examples…

  • My body is a bit tired today, so I am going to skip the gym and go for a walk, nap or a massage. Versus: Waking up, I am so out of shape I better go to the gym. This is from your critical brain that is not connecting to how you are feeling.
  • I am going to focus on adding in 2 cups of veggies per day (start there). Versus: starting Monday, I am going to NOT eat (fill in the blank) ______. This isn’t empowering and is all about focusing on what you fear versus what you desire.

2. Plan one of your favorite meals each week: Delight yourself! You deserve it. I just watched Rachel Ray do 12 different chicken dishes! The secret is each one was a different flavor or cuisine. What are your favorite cuisines and flavors? Italian, Thai, Indian, American or Chinese Stir Fry dishes? These different flavors help keep the taste buds, organs and emotions happy. I developed Feel.Meal.Heal to help us have variety and more spice in our life.

If these are resonating with you and you want to dive deeper with more these concepts…I am hostessing a complementary LIVE webinar next week! To learn more about shifting your subconscious and easy steps that you can start NOW…


So excited to “see” you next week!

Heather Fleming

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