How do you support others to nourish themselves?

So far in my life, I have had the honor to help others nourish themselves by supporting them with a healthy mindset regarding their relationship with food.

I have tried everything from cooking for clients, taking them grocery shopping, texting me to guide them with a more reasonable choice at a restaurant, and daily support.

Our relationship with food is just that. Relating, one thing doesn’t work for everyone and one thing doesn’t work every day.  My newest idea is receiving emails daily that support the mind and body. I feel these daily reminders will offer a sense of balance as people stay on their course with wellness.  You are never “off or on” your healthy lifestyle, it is a part of you just like breathing is.

Wouldn’t it be great that your health is just an automatic reflex and your mind and body tells you what you need?  I believe it is this, and can be this simple.  It doesn’t happen overnight, however with mindful awareness and understanding your body’s messages, it can be possible. If you believe in the healthiest version of yourself is possible then it is!

Heather Fleming

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