Will Your Summer Vacation Be A Rejuvenating Adventure?

Are you starting to book your summer vacation? Instead of coming back exhausted and needing another vacation, try a rejuvenating adventure.

What to look for in a place that you want to come home feeling refreshed?

  1. Conscious kitchen with organic, high quality, local food: If they have their own garden and chef, those are extra perks.
  2. Your room is stress free: No electronics, loud roads, construction, or uncomfortable beds. They best places will have your best interest at heart.
  3. You can be alone besides in your room: Look for places that focus on nature, time for yourself, and extra healing support methods such as; chiropractor, acupuncture, Feldenkrais, massage, cranio-sacral therapies.

I have been blessed to visit or teach at these amazing retreat centers.

  1. Guess who's joining Jon_heatherOmega Institute – I am heading to this gorgeous place in August as a guest speaker with the amazing Jon Gabriel & The Gabriel Method. This retreat center was #1 on my vision board this year, and I am so excited to be included in this amazing adventure. Big dreams come true!
  2. Esalen – Located in Big Sur, California overlooking the ocean. They have their own garden and natural salt water baths where you can go commando overlooking the ocean. They host many modalities of learning every week of the year. Even if you spend just 24 hours there, you can be back to your balanced self.
  3. Rancho la Puerta – Located in Tecate, Mexico (yes, like the beer). You can fly into my home base of San Diego and then easily cross the border. The grounds are beautiful, natural and they think of everything you could possibly need. I have been teaching there a few weeks a year for the past 3 years, and if I am there, I am usually in their gorgeous black bottom pool.
  4. Ojai Inn Spa & Retreat – Located a couple hours north of Los Angeles, this country town has so much life. Organic olive oil farms, amazing Farmer’s Market, and healthy vibrant people. I was visiting my dear friend Lola Jones of Divine Openings.com, and strolled around their grounds. Big golf course, salt water pool, surrounded by mountains and green!
  5. Optimum Health Institute – If you are feeling your health is out of control, this place will help you get centered and grounded. It is a more structured retreat with only your health as the priority. It has a bit more clinical setting vs. the others.

Also, there are many amazing yoga retreats that take you away to a destination to enhance your practice of yoga, mediation and conscious eating. Keep these in mind when you feel you need a reboot, and a break from your hectic schedule.

Livin’ la Vida Loca,


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