Summer Cravings

Ice cream, barbeques, salty, crunchy, watermelon, ice cold, etc. Why do we crave certain foods at this time of year?

During this time of year with warmer temperatures, the body’s digestive system can be a bit more sensitive. Our digestive “fire” can become over heated, thus the craving for cooling foods. Some of these cravings can actually cause excess heat. For example, ice cream can help initially, however dairy can be mucus forming and cause more heat to your liver and digestive tract.

So when you have ice cream, because we all will, try some of these conscious cooling foods to implement into your diet to provide balance:

Fruits: Pears, apricots, grapes, plums, papaya, watermelon and sweet berries
Herbs: Mint & Saffron
Fats: Coconut oil & avocado
Vegetables: Cucumbers, leafy greens, sea vegetables (nori, dulse, & kelp), summer squashes, sprouts and celery
Meats: Lobsters, clams & crab
Carbohydrates: Mung beans & bulgar wheat

If you are experiencing agitation, irritability, headaches, diarrhea, rashes, or excessive heat implement these foods into your day.

Also, if you are needing support to get back to balance, we will be conducting a group JumpStart Program after the Labor Day holiday. It is a 7 am (PST) inspirational group phone call for 5 days. Day 1 will set you up for success on what groceries to purchase and mental preparation. Day 2-4 are the directions to follow the Conscious Nutrition JumpStart Program, and day 5 will be how to continue the momentum. The goal is always to be nice to yourself, and give your body a break.
Begins September 10th-14th
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“Post Holiday JumpStart Program”
Happy Summer,
Heather Fleming

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