Sugar weaning tips & Super Food Garden Summit

The sugar cravings were intense for me after the holiday festivities. A sugar hangover can last 3 days. I repeat 3 days.

Do you know the feeling of ‘wanting your own food’? After a vacation, a fun weekend of celebrating or eating out too often, you just want a simple, nutrient-power-packed meal.

This is a sign we are nutrient deprived and malnourished. Most of the people I work with are malnourished, so instead of focusing on restriction or deprivation, we add in more quality foods.

One simple idea is to have a whole-food smoothie or soup WITH your meal. The liquified foods are better absorbed in our gut which can also help our brain and neurotransmitters. It is summer up in the northern hemisphere so the soup doesn’t always sound so good. However, today with my salad I wish I would have added a soup. I needed more support and if I would have eaten more, this may have lead to me NOT grabbing some sugar. After the festivities, it was inevitable that I needed a pick me up. And a bigger meal could have helped.

NOT shoulding on myself, instead, always learning and adjusting as we go.

Here are a few tips that we will be practicing in the upcoming Summer . If you had a weekend like me, add some of these tips to support you:

  1. Green Veggies: Broccoli & Green Beans: These veggies contain chromium which will enhance the action of insulin. You can lightly cook them until tender or blend to make a gorgeous soup.
  2. Starchy Veggies: Parsnips, Squash, Sweet Potato: For 2-3 days you may be having more cravings for starch. Instead of going cold turkey, ease off the sugar and starch with a sweet potato with cinnamon and coconut oil or roasted parsnips, squash, onions and kale. Drizzle with avocado oil and sea salt.
  3. Favorite Fats: Coconut oil, chia seeds, pecans: When I am craving too much sugar, I make chia seed pudding with vanilla, coconut milk, topped with cinnamon. My friend Cami is blending her chia seed pudding and it is delicious!
  4. Wild-Caught White Fish: Choose low mercury fish from your local store such as Cod, Mahi and Sardines are great choices to rotate in your weekly plan. Fish is easier to digest which can reduce inflammation in your digestive tract.
  5. Herbs: Cinnamon, Tumeric, Parsley: My favorite way to add cinnamon is a baked apple topped with cinnamon and a bit of coconut milk. Tumeric and curry are wonderfully combined with cauliflower, lentils or stir-fry.

And if you want to practice FEELING your nutrition program versus forcing, join me for our one-week Summer Appetizer course. We will EASE-in with some of these Conscious Nutrition philosophies and tips. We are set to begin on Tuesday, July 20th, meeting every other day for one week, and I’d be honored if you’d join me for it.

You will take away heaps of nutrition tips that will support you to FEEL, flow, grow and glow!

P.S. Attention all gardeners or wanna be green-thumbers like me.

With homegrown food, you unlock the door to hundreds of varieties that may offer more for your health and well-being… including more flavor and nutrients. You’ll discover why people say homegrown “just tastes better!”

The good news is that gardening can be simpler (and more delightful) than most people imagine. Stacey Murphy should know — she’s helped hundreds of thousands of people grow successful vegetable and herb gardens in every climate there is. And now she’s teamed up with 16+ visionary gardeners for the garden event of the summer: You’ll discover how to grow exciting greens chock full of exciting, new flavors plus a dozen more superfoods that all contribute to your health and vitality.

See you over at the summit!

with abundant nourishment,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

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