Some of our biggest fears & Nourish YOUniversity

A few of the biggest fears for most humans are the feelings of uncertainty, failure, rejection and inadequacy.

These feelings can cause us to flail and feel powerless with our health and when disease symptoms arise. Our nervous system goes into fight and flight when we need to be more relaxed and respond from a more conscious state. This stress leads to more health issues.

Most of us are MALNOURISHED! Whether it is either physically or emotionally.

I created Nourish University to help members consistently feel connected to their health versus it getting away from them.

We have to gently re-adjust our daily routines to make sure we are nourishing our bodies correctly.

During your Nourish YOUniversity, you will receive…

  1. Four Private Calls: Every quarter we review your initial intake form to reassess which symptoms are reducing or increasing. We discuss your personalized supplement protocol, meal choices, and what self-care tips you can add-in.
  2. Quarterly LIVE programs: Each season we meet for our LIVE programs. The spring and fall consist of a 4-week Master Class. The Summer and this January 25th, is the 10-day Appetizer course. Each program contains heaps of content, videos and live calls to help you create traction in your nutrition journey.
  3. Monthly Healthy Happy Hours: We meet once a month for a different topic. This helps you reconnect with your intentions and what you need to do every day.
  4. Private Facebook group: The group is rad! We are adding recipe ideas, research, positive vibes and other ideas to enhance your well-being.
  5. E-books & Expert Interviews: We bring valuable educators to keep us inspired and curious. All my ebooks are available for you!

I personally spent over $10,000 on a marketing class with a very similar structure. It was the best mula I ever spent and invested in myself. Great news! Nourish University isn’t this amount, yet:)

As a rebel, this structure was EXACTLY what I needed to feel safe, supported and get my stuff done:)! These small bites and anchors help YOU be and feel more of what you want to experience.

Book a session here to see if we are a good fit to meet your goals and needs. And if your finances are in transition, we offer scholarships!

Do you prefer personal or group?

  1. Group: Join me either for a here or here!
  2. Personal: Join me either for a or a here!

WELCOME aboard for your 2022 adventure!

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