Should You Skip Breakfast?

I have personally observed a trend of not craving a big breakfast approximately 4 times a month. What does this mean? If breakfast is the most important meal, am I supposed to force breakfast?

There are a variety of behind the scene variables that our bodies pay attention to that we are not even aware of; Hormone balancing, cell rejuvenation, and detoxifying to name a few. So, if there is an occasional morning that we are not hungry, don’t eat, give your body a break and let it find its natural rhythm again. Hydrate, take extra breaths, meditate and ease into your day.

I love sharing other people’s concepts and philosophies with you all. There is concept that you can become the healthiest version of you, if you only eat 5 consecutive hours in the day. I enjoyed watching his Ted Talk and loved his quote, that he is the study of one, himself.



I started to think of how this concept would function with my lifestyle and for my clients. On days that we appear hungrier, this would rock, eat for 5 hours in a row and call it a day. However, my social life would be a bit affected. Sorry, I can only go out to eat at 4 in the afternoon and then can’t eat after that. Which if you have a habit of late night eating this could be a great support tool to try for a few days to combat that habit. Eating earlier in the evening can help your liver and digestive tract do their duties before you go to bed at night.

I believe we are meant to be our own guru, to discover and practice what works for us at the present moment. It is awesome to try these other philosophies and observe how you feel. That is it. Practice & observe, try to release obsessive behavior and restriction.

One of my favorite posts on this subject is the intermittent fasting blog, where you discover your own conscious eating pattern.

Practice. Observe. Repeat
Heather Fleming


Thanks to Stacey for this amazing photo of poached eggs with avocado and toast. This is one of my personal favorite meals.


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