Should I eat less to lose weight?

Dieting is psychologically stressful. By dieting, I am referring to the act of restriction and eating. These depriving thoughts can elicit negative emotion. Studies have documented negative emotions of dieting such as depression, anxiety, decreased self-esteem, nervousness, and irritability. We have all been there, thus the word “hangry” was invented.

Restricting increases the total cortisol output and can trigger mechanisms to reduce energy expenditure in the body (lowering metabolism is another mainstream way to say it).  Besides resisting temptation, you are also shutting down the natural feeling of hunger.  My goal for you is, that as you age your food consumption is not a HASTLE or a CONCERN. Rather it is part of your day with effortless awareness.

If you are feeling you need to regroup and find your natural hunger, two of my favorite tools are:

1. Intermittent Fasting: This can be a day where you eat light so your body can catch up. This can be once a week, a month or every few months. My personal favorite day is Mondays, after the weekend so I can rebalance to my natural rhythm vs. the Sunday Brunch after math.

Please refer to a past blog for more info!

2. BMR exchanges from the Conscious Nutrition Food Tree: One measurement I use to design meal plans for clients is your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Your BMR measures how much energy your body requires to run efficiently.

Your BMR is VERY different than your BMI (Body Mass Index). Your BMI is a very general equation, which I do not use or find as an accurate measurement. Your BMR along with your body composition are wonderful tools to learn more about your body’s needs. The ideal situation to test your Resting and Basal Metabolic Rates is with a qualified practitioner after 8 hours of restful sleep and adjustment to your activity level. You can Google in your area to look up this type of testing. For a guideline to begin meal planning, check out this website and you will get a daily caloric amount BEFORE activity. Depending on how much activity you do, you can adjust this amount.

Even a combination of the two is BRILLIANT!

For example: Wednesday through Sunday you follow the BMR exchanges and Monday & Tuesday you apply the Intermittent Fasting principles.

If you would like a customized report please refer to our Conscious Programs and we will design one and walk you through it!

No more dieting,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N


Photo by: Natasia Causse


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