Satiated vs. Restriction

We are finishing up the documentary in Hollywood. The four participants are doing wonderfully and have lost over 200 pounds collectively in 3 months. The purpose of the project was only to set them up for success for a healthy future. This plan focused on real life vs. the Biggest Loser, which is restrictive and does the all or none approach.

The first two weeks we focused on getting their body’s healthy and nourished. We didn’t focus on portion control or calorie counting. However we focused on getting over cravings and wanting them to feel full with whole foods and high quality nutrients.

I can’t stress enough that you can not lose weight unless you are healthy. Sleeping straight through the night and having 2 bowel movements a day is part of this healthy equation.

My friend Zank passed along this article to me about an island off of Greece where people live a long and healthy life. To sum it up, they started their day with a spoonful of honey, drank red wine throughout the day, had their own gardens, had a strong sense of community, took long naps, never rushed anywhere, and ended their day with tea containing local herbs. That sounds very satiating to me. Enjoy the article and I would love to hear your feedback.

Cheers to a long & healthy life,
Heather Fleming
“The island where people forget to die”

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