San Diego Food Bank Information

Food bank information for San Diego! Food Bank update! San Diego Food Bank & Feeding America
I had the pleasure to learn more about the Food Bank’s services last week. I had the wheels in motion to become an Ambassador and share how we can help others with food insecurity, which is now higher than ever.

Here is a little bit about San Diego and I am sure it is similar all over and you can reach out to your community to discover how you can contribute.

?1 in 6 San Diegans are food-insecure.
Now in the 3 weeks of March 2020 it increased by 65%.

?CalFresh aka Food Stamps or SNAP has changed their rules so you can apply with more ease and receive the maximum amount of $194 per month.

?Right now the San Diego food bank has enough food for 3 months. They are focused on the elderly with complementary deliver and drop off, day cares and school children who were receiving weekend meals are now receiving the entire week.

?Remember calling 411 for information? Now, in SD you can call 211 to get more information about social services.

?Another great option! Neighborhood distribution Program. Over 20-30 pounds of fresh produce per household and ANYONE is welcome, no income eligibility. Head here to get the schedule.

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