Sail away to an organic farm

As I returned from my Midwest escapade, I was very clear I didn’t want to move back onto the sailboat. I headed to my dog sitting gig in Bird Rock, with a comfy couch and ocean view.  I contemplated “what next” asking my soul and walking along the ocean.
I returned and joined and found a farm that met my requirements. One farm was a bit too hippy for me, but the other had it all, animals, dogs, amazing produce, and I loved the name “Paradise Green”.
Before I follow up with the farm, the other “what next” happened. I am taking 3 lovely ladies to a lake house outside of Yuma for a week retreat to lose weight, relax and exercise their booties off.  The owner of the home is calling this “Little Chubbies Fat Camp”, I will pass along the progress and the day in the life of the Little Chubbies.

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