Restore after too many days of corn chips

Do you crave corn chips from 3-6 pm on days when you feel stressed? Have you had a vacation where you may have overate those crunchy free appetizers? It isn’t because you feel you have low will power, it could be more of an emotional sense of belonging and connection and physically it may because your neurotransmitters and/or electrolytes were out of balance causing you to grab another handful.

Take a look at the Why & What to do with a corn chip craving from the Conscious Nutrition Cravings Guide. The reasons I grabbed those chips were totally for connecting with the moment, the people, the environment and because travel can throw you for a bit of a loop with dehydration of the body and mind. After a few days, it was time to mentally, emotionally, and physically pause. When you fall into a routine that leaves you feeling depleted, you need to reset.

Spending our energy focusing on what is wrong can take up all of your life force. Instead, let us try to focus on changing our mind set and pause the routine that could be causing you more distress than the corn chips. The best ways for me to pause and how I teach my clients are to eat lighter for a day and add in one meal that is so supportive you replenish your electrolytes and give your digestion and liver a break.

The recipe we used to reduce the corn chip consumption and restore was a Watermelon-Mint Smoothie. The ingredients in this smoothie support your liver to cool, hydration to commence, and ease digestion with the mint. Inflammatory foods cause your body to inflame and the organs to slow down on their functions. The recipe is below, along with a How-to video we shot in the yurt we are living in @ Pro-WindSurf LaVentana, Mexico.

2 cups watermelon

1/4 cup mint

1/2 cucumber

2 cups ice

1 T lime juice

1 T organic raw honey

1 cup coconut milk

Blend & Freeze

Keep staying replenished in your mind, body and spirit and enjoy true connection with or without the chips!

Adios mis amigos,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

P.S. Happy Love Day & Happy 40th Birthday to Shawna!

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