Replace focusing on weight loss with this…

Happy New Year, y’all. I hope you are easing into this year with extra kindness and gentleness. We aren’t meant to ‘force’ our dreams and resolutions to come true in an instant. The joy and gratification is in the journey.

RESOLVE, the core of resolutions, means a firm determination to decide to do something.

What do you want to resolve? Instead of focusing on logistics, like losing weight and exercising more, try to resolve from a place of desire and belief.

  • I desire to feel better in my clothes.
  • I desire to feel stronger when I pick up things off the floor.
  • I believe that my body is healthy and wise.
  • I believe I can release weight while nourishing my body
  • I desire and believe that I can let things and people go that don’t serve me.

To help you focus on what you desire and believe, I am adding a new process to the Nourish YOUniversity curriculum called the Lighten Your Load experiment. It isn’t just about weight loss; it is more about what you can let go of that is weighing you down from achieving them.

When we were hunters and gatherers, we didn’t have three square meals a day or time for snacks. We had to make sure to find food and shelter and survive.

Some days, we had food; some days, we didn’t. It wasn’t a static way to live. We lived with uncertainty. We would scan our environment constantly, looking for threats.

Our nervous system is still programmed this way, constantly looking for threats, stress, and danger; this is called our Sympathetic Nervous system. The goal is to work with our nervous system responses to return to safety and security; this is our Parasympathetic Nervous System.

When we FEEL safe in times of uncertainty and within ourselves, we can respond to external stressors more easily and gracefully.

This is called Nervous System Regulation.

Many cultures, religions, and philosophies have days or weeks of fasting. The main reason for fasting is to meditate better, get clarity, and connect to yourself deeper or a higher source.

I added the 24-hour light day of the eating experiment to our current life to help us feel a deeper sense of safety, reprogram our nervous system to release fight and flight quicker, and help our organs and body take a break to cleanse more efficiently.

This type of light eating day is called autophagy: A well-regulated, orderly process of breaking down and recycling various cellular components—a self-renewal method.

Each time you practice this light day of eating, it will help your mental, emotional, and physical bodies take a big exhale. Our body can initiate healing itself during these renewal phases.

I will guide you to practice this 24-hour light day of eating by setting you up for success each week and month during your Nourish YOUniversity 2024 enrollment.

You are NOT a project but a dynamic human learning to balance your physical and emotional being.

Nourish YOUniversity members and I have practiced this for the last six months. What we discovered and are still discovering…

  • It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be
  • A desire to do the light day of eating longer and more often.
  • Clothes feel better, and my energy level has bumped up a bit
  • Less obsessed over what to eat and have less intense cravings
  • Have more mental clarity.

I will answer any questions and share more insights during the EASE YOUR Load webinar. I will share more about the three different modalities we experiment with each month at Nourish YOUniversity and the other support you will receive.

We will gather on January 29th @ 5 pm PST/8 pm EST via Zoom and also LIVE in my Private, Complementary Facebook Group.

The webinar will be recorded for your listening convenience and you will receive the Lighten Your Load process FREE for attending.

If you desire more details about Nourish YOUniversity, let’s chat!

Schedule below or email me back here for us to connect.

with abundant nourishment,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N. ​Food Relationship Nutritionist

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