Relieve NOT Release Resistance

I remember what I was wearing the day I relieved a lot of resistance I had toward food, being right, perfect and exhausted in regards to the tennis match in my head about what to eat or not eat.

After years of following all of the -arian diets, searching for the perfect ANAL-ytical answers from books, doctors and any other expert but myself, I began the journey of trusting my own unfolding and followed my gut.

The amount of time I spent on obsessing toward food, I could have learned 10 languages and the guitar (which they both are still on my list). Now, I am spending more time relieving myself and others of all the resistance we live in and releasing my new Intuitivarian Process.

The amazing Wayne Dyer said it best, “Everything you are against weakens you and everything you are for empowers you.” I stopped judging food on a black and white basis and started allowing my body to lead me. I lost a million pounds that day, and am still relieving resistance in more areas of my life.

Check out more of the story here and stay tuned to 10-10-2017 for more details of Intuitivarian 22-day process.

P.S. Also, below this video, learn how to “Get Your Leek On”…




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