Release your issues from your tissues

–Vicky Vlachonis, author of the “Body Doesn’t Lie”

This amazing woman spoke at an event I recently attended. Everyone has felt pain, and it is not fun. We try to distract from feeling this mental, emotional or physical chronic pain. We even become addicted to those distractions, by grabbing our phone, rushing to a massage to fix it, or using another crutch such as caffeine, food, alcohol, you name it. We are addicted to the quick fix and push on. This is not how you truly heal.

So instead of ignoring our pain, she teaches in her book that pain is a good thing and your body is talking to you. So how do we listen without the crutches?

Here are two questions to ask yourself when you are running from emotions.

  • What is the story your body is telling you right now?
  • What is the story you would like your body to tell you?

How you think, eat, move and how you feel. The developing framework around these subjects will help you feel safe, supported and connected. Creating conscious habits help your nervous system create positive feedback loops. The spine has been called the “the window on the internal environment of the body” by the author Caroline Stone. When there is a dysfunction in your tissue or blood flow is blocked, the communication in your organs is disrupted. When you experiment with constant stress, this keeps feeding the negative feedback loop causing blood sugar to increase and releases more inflammatory cytokines. Vicky calls the hormone cortisol that causes the loop the “hopelessness hormone”. Instead, of this fearful response to life which is completely normal, just gently try adding in more compassion, empathy, and PATIENCE.

Also, try to dive deeper with the 3 R’s of her program.

  1. Reflect: What is and isn’t working in your life. Really face what is making you feel stuck.
  2. Release: Implement a program or programs that helps your body and mind detoxify. What does it feel like to become unstuck?
  3. Radiate: It will become more effortless to practice your daily meditation, daily exercise support and implementing nourishing foods will become second nature.

To learn more about Vicky’s work, check her out here

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Happy Radiating!

Heather Fleming, C.C.N

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