Rate Your Nutrition Competence

I love using this diagram to assess where I am at in many aspects of my life. Of course, this blog will discuss our nutrition awareness.

Let us use Joe as an example of someone on a nutrition competence journey. For 40 years Joe has been eating fast food and didn’t realize it could cause low energy or future health problems.(unconscious incompetent) Then one day he reads an article stating that fast food can cause memory and libido issues. (conscious incompetent) This motivates him to do research, seek out experts, and take action on his health. He is overwhelmed and now realizes he “feels” crappy. He begins a program that is supporting him and he can notice changes in his body and health. (conscious competent) Over time this “program” turns into a healthy lifestyle that is part of his daily routine. (unconscious competent)

Now, how do we this in our lives. One word… “Self-Awareness”. Only you can be the instigator to change your life. You probably know what I am going to say next… Only be EASY on yourself during this process. We tend to give up when we realize we have a long way to go!
Try to:
1. Look back @ how far you came. Celebrate your successes.
2. Take deep breaths every hour, before every meal, and while in traffic or stressed.
3. Journal your goals, dreams, action items, emotions, and values.
4. Review the habits you love about yourself and the habits that need modifying.
5. Life is meant to be rewarding, so reward yourself with massages, long walks on the beach, Gelato with friends, and hugs.

Happy Contemplating,
Heather Fleming

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