Quick Energy Ideas

Whether you are coming off caffeine or just need an energy boost, make sure you are giving your body something that will not cause you to bottom out even more.

Conscious Nutrition Quick Energy Tips:

1. Justin almond butter in single packets packed with flavor

2. Herbal Tea with lemon water & cayenne pepper, served either cold or hot.

3. Organic Raw Honey: This will provide a quick boost of energy and also has immune system support. This is great for endurance athletes or on your long run days.

4. Mate Tea: It has a natural herbal stimulant without the caffeine.

5. Coconut water with slices of raw pineapple: The coconut water will hydrate you effectively and the pineapple is anti-inflammatory.

6. Dark chocolate: This will give your brain a boost of Magensium and also offer you a bit of sugar. Cocao Nibs with Goji Berries are a great snack combination.

Check out this hilarious video of bicyclist trying to figure out how to enhance his strategies.
Confused Cyclist

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