Quality Fish Oil is More Important Than Ever!

Most of my clients have tried Omega 3 Fish oil and are usually taking a very low quality brand or not enough.  What do you notice by taking fish oil?  It isn’t what you notice while you are taking it, it is what you notice when you are not.  I find my mental clarity is more efficient, less soreness from exercise, and more vibrant skin.  Besides, what the Omega 3 is doing for your cells and organs it is also balancing your hormones and moods.
Now with the recent oil spill, we are going to want to be more careful on the brands we are using.  There are only a few manufacturers of fish oil, however there are companies with strict precautions on the quality and the processing of the oil.  Also, if you consistently have the “fish burp” try to keep it in the fridge or freezer so it can better absorb in your gut then in your stomach.  If you keep burping after that it can be a sign that you are not efficiently absorbing the nutrients and need more support for your digestive tract.  Please contact Heather@consciousnutrition.com for more information.

Another great resource for more education is Dr. Mark Hyman @ www.drhyman.com

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