Experiment 2: Conscious Nutrition 3-Day Program, formerly known as Jump Start

Welcome to your Jump Start program. (formerly knows as Jump Start and 5-Day Ease In) 

I am so happy to be your guide as you discover more about how you relate to food and yourself. Many of my clients incorporate this Jump Start Flow for 3-5 days each week, while other days have a different reality. I recommend the first time you do this, EASE in and give yourself 5 days. Once you reviewed the entire program, you can head to the Initial Review page each month for a refresher. 

Instead of trying to ‘stay on’ your program, you ARE the program.

The frustration of the old dieting paradigm, left us feeling exhausted, confused and gaining weight. Now, we are choosing a more personal responsible approach.

Why is it difficult to follow a strict diet or program for a long period of time?

Because you are NOT supposed to!

It is difficult and obsessive to try to eat perfectly every day. We can be the biggest critics to ourselves and in our lives. Instead of setting you up for failure and promoting an extreme program, we are setting you up for a lifetime of success.

For the next 5-days, you will approach your nutrition with a new perspective that will help you feel empowered, consistent, and supported with food. I desire that you feel connected and nourished versus feeling like you are overwhelmed and confused.

As you practice this Jump Start program for 5 days in a row (as best as YOU can), you will learn MORE about your body than trying to follow a ‘diet’ program.

REMEMBER, you are the ONLY person who can know your body intimately. This jump-start is here to support you to feel safe with structure as you PRACTICE some of the Conscious Nutrition tips.

You will have access to your 5-day Ease-IN program, videos, and resources for one week.

I am so excited to be a part of your nourishing journey and I believe the tips and inspiration you receive will help you for the rest of your life!

with abundant nourishment,


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