Practice is Perfection

Paleo Diet, Blood Type Diet, Vegan, Raw Foods, etc. There are a multiple of diet plans out there that everyone is following. We are a “all or none” society. If you don’t “follow” something perfectly then you set yourself up for failure.

The goal is turn your knowledge into wisdom. Wisdom comes from practice, observation and patience. There is no perfect diet. The perfect diet is the one you believe in and trust. One way to begin trusting yourself and learning about your body is to gather information and observe.

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I recently read this parable about a man whose doctor sent him on vacation from his stressful stock exchange job. He went to a small fishing village in Mexico and saw a talented fisherman. He tried to talk him into making his lifestyle become a large fishing empire. After he would make all his money he could come back 20 years later and live the life of his dreams. Just like the one he was currently living, fishing for a couple of hours, selling his fish to the local grocery, giving some to friends, taking a siesta with his wife, playing with his kids, and socializing with his amigos playing guitar at the local pub in the evening.
I recommend we all don’t wait to live our relaxed dream life, however start NOW!

Heather Fleming

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