Playing Board Games is Healthy

My friends Matthew & Jean Rivaldi are the creators of two board games named Furt and Quelf (Yes, very interesting names)

and were recently featured on Fox news. He is wearing pajamas for the entire month of January aka “Pajamuary” to raise awareness to dust off your board games, turn off the T.V., put down your cell phones, and connect with your family and friends. As a good friend I was blessed to be able to show up @ 6 am in my jammies and be a part of the festivities.
Learn more about Pajamuary

Do you notice that you are always looking for your cell phone, checking your messages on Facebook, and searching for entertainment on YouTube? This is linked to your brain releasing chemicals, similar to those released for those people with a gambling addiction. When you receive positive feedback from communication through texting or social media it makes you want to go back for more. Technology is a consistent part of our daily lives and it has changed how we interact with others dramatically.

To reset your nervous system and restore your natural balance with nature’s clock:
• Put down your cell phone for 2 hours a day and go for a walk for a portion of that time
• Turn off all electronics by 9 pm every night (one hour prior to rest)
• Have dinner with your family by candlelight and NO television
• Play a board game and laugh, great abdominal work out
• Do not open your computer on Sundays, take one day off of staring at the screen
• Walk barefoot in the grass to reconnect with nature and stay away from the EMF (electromagnetic fields) emitted from cellular devices

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