Plateaus are a MUST!

Have you experienced a busy week and then there was a break in the action where you could recalibrate and rebalance? AHHH, that day where you can catch up is the best feeling ever. This helps with sanity, and also supports the body to find deep relaxation so you can go back out there. Every time a client has a plateau, we jump for joy. We are dynamic not static beings, and this plateau is signaling the body needs a time out. Instead of reacting to a plateau, use it as information to assess where you need more rest, nourishment and space in your life.

I am experiencing some resistance to other heath advocates telling people to fight through the plateaus by drinking more green drinks every day, working out more or other obsessive outer behavior.  The body NEEDS the plateau for the organs to catch up just like you need to rest after a hectic week. If we do not pause or look within we will only keep feeding the obsession and old programming.

How do we unlearn these obsessive patterns and honor the plateau? How can we be dedicated to the process in a new birds eye view?

Recently, I have been working with someone who is asking her body what she really needs, and each time she discovers her body really needs a hug then the foods that support her can enter into her mind and body. We started out her journey by drinking hot water with lemon and ginger in the morning before her coffee and breakfast. This pause helped her connect with more emotions and her physical needs.

The old, obsessive programming of being all up in it has got to go. We are replacing one bondage of fear and control for another. 

3 Support Tools to embrace when you experiencing a plateau:

  1. EAT MORE! Almost every time my clients experience a plateau, I add in more nourishment. The old mindset of restriction only confuses the body. Add in more quality foods when you are hungry to ignite your metabolic processes. Usually my clients will notice a few days of the month where they are hungry shortly after a meal, instead of judging it, eat, breathe, hydrate, rest, acknowledge how hard your body works.
  2. Connection: Obsessing over your food is draining your soul and I believe you have other important things to think about and contribute toward. Instead focus on how you want to feel everyday and then the food and exercise will support this end result. Some days you may want to put more energy toward a dinner party, and some days you may need more grab and go. Discover what meals help you with both of these scenarios.
  3. Take a pause in your routine: What in your routine is holding you back? I usually observe it can be the usual morning rituals. People tend to rush to their electronic devices, with coffee and sugar in hand to tackle the day. Instead, take a pause and visualize your day and check in with your body’s energy level. Even a 5 minute mediation in the morning can help you be less miserable to be around:) That is the #1 reason I meditate, so I can flow better in my relationships and life.

Please try observation versus reaction,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N

P.S. Enjoy some ideas on how to add more ginger in your life.







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