Pancreatic cancer be gone!

Wow, I believe my dad may have beaten Pancreatic Cancer. WHAT!!
He had an early-stage diagnosis at the end of October, his main symptoms were pancreatitis and jaundice, so they found his tumor early. The tumor was not seen on ANY cat scans during his entire 6+ months of chemo. The next phase of the process was WAITING (which we advocated our own timeline versus the ‘rushed’ one) until he got his strength back up, heaps of physical therapy and then the intense surgery called the Whipple, that he finished up last week, cutting a portion of his pancreas, and stomach, a foot of his small intestine, and removing his gallbladder. They did not find any cancer in his pancreas, and we have a follow-up next week to confirm.
I was SUPER concerned about the aftermath and complications of this procedure, so we met with the doctor a few times and tried our hardest to do a simpler surgery. The amount of anxiety that would have caused my dad to NOT do the surgery didn’t align, so we got it scheduled and so far he is healing BEYOND better than I expected. He is a tough 77-year-old farm guy.
He is EATING my food right now, and HE BETTER:) I was meant and glad to be here for this stage of the game for sure. 
They gave him eggs and sausage before he left the hospital which I HIGHLY suggested not to, but the surgeon vetoed me. Well, that meal didn’t go well, so we are back to my plan.
I am feeding him a very LOW inflammatory plan:
  • Rice pudding with nut milk, cinnamon, and raw, organic honey
  • Bone broth, Chicken Broth
  • Chocolate pudding with chocolate almond milk
  • Nut, dairy, gluten-free bread by Canyon Bakehouse
  • Pea Protein shake every day
  • Canned, organic peaches and applesauce
  • Today, we are introducing green beans
  • Tomorrow, bananas
  • Next, organic Chicken Noodle Soup
I would love to serve him sweet potatoes or squash, but he is a hard no on those. So I will make him a dessert and sneak those in it soon. Dad, don’t read this part of my blog:) 
He is craving dairy the most, he did milk the cows and drive the dairy truck in his youth, so that makes sense. We will try eggs again in a few days, and high-quality, whole-fat dairy can have so many healing qualities for some people, especially B Blood Types (you lucky people, my dad and I are A) but with his compromised systems, not right now. Adding extra strain or stress on his organs is not a good idea.

My dad is ALSO a comfort eater, just like me. Dairy’s principle protein is casein. When we digest casein, something called casomorphins is formed, and they have an opioid effect on us. Not as powerful as other opioids, but still has a similar effect on the pleasure part of our brain. Cheese also contains an amphetamine-like chemical, phenylethylamine (also found in chocolate) which is often called an aphrodisiac and is even used as an anti-depressant because of its mood-elevating qualities. That is why we all go for it in the mid-day or evening when the stress levels calm down and you want to “recharge” with the cheese or chocolate.

After being in the health care system as a supporter, I believe in being an advocate and in my WORK even more. Our medical system is awesome at navigating emergency/trauma care. But for long-term healing, we need a more comprehensive, GENTLER, HEART-centered approach. My dad has a very mental mindset and just wants to get it all over with. Well, I believe the body can work fast but does NOT work really well under long-term pressure. And I truly believe my last 20 years of opening my mind to learn about every healing modality I could get my hands on, brought me to this exact moment in time. The best way to STAY healthy is to be open and curious.
We all get to check our own patience when it comes to healing. Our mind can hinder us from being still and quiet with the body’s subtle senses. My dad dreamt that he was getting fed applesauce through a tube last night, so guess what? Applesauce is on the menu today.
If you want to experiment with YOU, my Meals & FEELS program can be of assistance. I created this structure, content, and support for us to set some healthy parameters to help us DIVE in. The goals are for us to witness how we choose to nourish ourselves and this program will help heal leaky gut and inflammation. 
What you receive with your program!
  1. You work WITH your persona, psyche, and Food Relationship Type. We are complicated creatures and our mind may be our best friend or biggest challenge. Discover how to better work with your thoughts while you work with your food.
  2. I created 40+-days of Meal Ideas that MATCH your Food Relationship Type. The Meals rotate between the 4-different Meal Types from the Conscious Nutrition Food Tree. Why? We tend to combine certain foods together that don’t digest and absorb well, leaving our stomach acid comprised. I also provide a recommended number of each Meal Type for your Food Relationship type. For example for the Rebel-er within one week, experiment with these suggestions and observe your thoughts, triggers, and feelings. It isn’t about doing it right, it is about what the underlying fears and stories are around how you relate to nourishing yourselfProtein Meals: 8 Starch Meals: 4 Combined Meals: 6 Vegan Meals: 3
  3. What is your daily practice like before you eat? Do you eat to tune out? Do you eat standing up and then feel groggy and bloated? Practicing the Feel Your Meal process can reduce these symptoms and help you connect with your body THUS absorbing nutrients in your small intestine to increase energy and mental clarity.

It is all about connecting to ourselves and creating a healthy mindset and honoring our instincts.

You have lifetime access to this program and if you sign up in August 2022, I would love to offer you a complimentary 30- minute consult (Value $75)

Meals & Feels Program: Reduce Your Guilt and Bloat

Cheers to my dad, what a wild ride this year.

with abundant nourishment,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

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