Is Our Overweight Society from a Lack of Compassion?

I was having a gorgeous dinner this weekend and conversation turned to nutrition, which wasn’t the first time. I was dining with an 83 year old man and he mentioned that overweight people just eat too much and don’t exercise. I have heard this from many people of all ages and it wasn’t long ago, I believed that also. Now, after the last few years of nutrition coaching I do not believe this, it is too simple and now an outdated reason. We have so much technology and information, so why are we still battling the bulge?

Many people that I have worked with from all over the world who are experiencing challenges with their weight are some of the most disciplined people I have ever met. They are successful with their businesses, family lives, friendships and even their health, but they just can’t shake their weight. Many people have had emotional or sexual abuse at a young age, have lost the weight many times only to gain it back, are trying to please others (which we all know that doesn’t work), and are very hard on themselves with negative self talk.

Recently, I have been experiencing a small issue with my health. I had to make some adjustments and reassess what is and isn’t working. I witnessed myself having very negative language regarding this situation. All day long I tell people to love themselves more and here I am throwing myself under the bus to help make myself healthier, O dear.

When you see someone who is overweight, do not jump to conclusions, we can never judge what other’s life experiences are. Just make sure you are being just as compassionate to yourself as you can be.

compasion-it Try taking the compassion it challenge
Purchase a bracelet and it reminds you to practice compassion each day. Begin your day with one side out, and flip it to the other side once you ‘compassion it.’


This practice fosters a compassionate attitude that will positively influence your life. Give it a try for 30 days and let us know how you have helped others and yourself.

With compassion,

Heather Fleming

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