Our Ego isn’t Willing to Change

Do you often fight with your inner dialogue? Who the heck are we fighting with inside there?

Ego Definitions:

~a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.

~the part of the psyche that experiences the outside world and reacts to it.

Our ego is meant to keep us safe from harm. To look both ways before we cross the street. But what the heck is it doing the rest of the day, and is this ego the cause of our inner struggles and complexity?

This voice in our head can be persuasive. It can start loud and strong in the morning and then sneak up during the day when you try to do something differently.

This sense of self is connected to our pride, beliefs, judgments, and future projections. We will defend our identity, personality, and who we are to feel belonging and safety.

Why isn’t the ego willing to help you make changes?

The ego fears feelings (ours & others) and can’t handle them if they are too deep, honest, or raw.
Depth is just too much for the ego to take; it doesn’t want to contemplate meaning and purpose, so it creates distractions to help us not feel what is the opposite of separation.

This is why strict diets don’t work. Most likely, diets are using control to bury our feelings and distract us from trusting ourselves. Instead, we want the next quick fix or anything to latch on to help us feel significant.

We are alone, and we are all this together.

What to do? –Add SIMPLE experiments each week so you can FEEL and observe your inner dialogue, work with your EGO, which I call your Food Relationship Type (take the Quiz here), and reprogram some of the habits causing you the most stress.

The 4-week Master of YOU Class begins tomorrow. I am keeping it so simple because NO one needs more to do. Instead, we will challenge the ego, one feeling at a time.

Week 1: Begin GENTLY vs. All or None: The ego will get stronger if you try to control it. We will eat fewer Combined Meals from the Conscious Nutrition Meal Types and more of the other 3 Meal Types. This will help reduce inflammaiton, heal digestion and challenge your mind from autopilot. Also, add one new thing you will try for 3 minutes daily. Whether you set your timer and stretch or try out the @Lymphman shoulder shuffle from John Ossipinsky. Watch the Video here!

Week 2: Reduce inflammatory foods, add Liver Support, and try the 3-Day Jumpstart. This week will help your ego feel like it is ‘doing’ something and is in charge. It is a game to keep your mind from feeling stuck.

Week 3: Try a Light Day of Eating for 24 hours. During this week, you will organically choose a day to eat ligther when you are less hungry, have more energy, slept great and much more. This is the day you will see your ego talk the loudest, trying to tell you what to do, and you will walk away feeling intentional and solid.

Week 4: How to keep doing this program on your own. More recipes and resources to help you keep it fresh.

This program used to be my RESET program, more of a cleanse process, now it is more about how you can make lasting changes and implement these experiments each week.

Either reply to this email to ask me any questions, or Click here to sign up!

with abundant nourishment,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N. ​Conscious. Compassion. Nutrition.

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