Why Oprah shouldn’t “manage” her bread

I have been enjoying the shift of focus with Oprah’s involvement with Weight Watchers. They seem to not be focusing on the scale and restriction as much and concentrating working within- both emotionally and physically. However, I just saw her managing bread commercial (Watch commercial here) and became a bit nervous. Why am I nervous? What we resist can persist! Craving the bread every day, and having the bread every day, can be covering up something deeper. Why is her body calling for bread?

If she is craving and eating bread everyday, what truly is her body telling her? On a physical and emotional level, it is usually a sign of nutrient imbalance regarding the nervous system and digestive tract. Below is an excerpt from my complementary craving guide (only available as a free download for one more month), on what we may need when we are craving bread and pastries. I love the aspect of adding in more nourishment and nurturing vs. focusing on how to manage it.  So, looking at this from a physical level could mean if you crave bread daily, you are in need of chromium, essential fatty acids, and even hydration from water and healthy fats. On an emotional level, you may need more rest, connection, nurturing and self-careBreadcrave

Now, this may be way out there, but if you have ever heard of your inner child or worked on this in some type of therapy?  You will totally get this. Personally, when I work with my rebel, (aka my inner teen) she is a hoot. She is one strong girl. If I am having a craving flare up that seems to not be nurturing or supporting me, I still find a way to help that aspect of me to feel safe and heard. For example, the bread flare up. I say, “Ok, rebel teen, you can have all the bread you want any time you want, Go for it.!” Guess what she says? “Never mind then.” The addiction usually comes from a place of not feeling safe. Worse case scenario if you eat extra bread one day, I bet you will not want it the next day and above all of it, to NOT feel guilty over this. You are practicing.

I understand there are times this will not work if you have a history of addiction or have not yet developed tools that support you. Food addictions can come from a place of not feeling safe. In the meantime, focus on adding in the nutrients and self-care support daily, and the cravings will not take you down, leaving you feeling hopeless.

Besides having gorgeous homemade bread with awesome butter when it aligns with your body, here is an example of what to do with a bread flare up that doesn’t feel like it aligns. Meaning, you are under stress and using bread to calm you down, or the rebel teen is taking charge.

  1. Hydrate: Drink warm or room temperature water with lemon, lime or diluted organic apple cider vinegar. Love the Bragg’s Brand
  2. Add in Essential Fatty Acids: Omega 3’s, either in the form of high quality Fish Oil, Flax Oil, or chia seeds in a Kombucha drink.
  3. Eat & Nourish: Have a handful of walnuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds, almond butter, chia seed pudding.
  4. Breathe: Take 5 deep breaths, usually our body needs more oxygen when we have been feeling stress.
  5. Movement &/or REST: Sometimes a quick walk will help or if you are exhausted, lay down and rest.

So, my personal message to Oprah, and every one participating in Weight Watchers: Be in your power and trust yourself wholly. Whether you choose to eat the bread or not, make sure you are coming from a place of truth that supports you to feel loved and supported consciously.

Enjoy your Conscious Nutrition!

Heather Fleming, C.C.N. & Joyful & Loving Food Expert




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