There is one program that does fit all…YOURS!

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you to my new process, Intuitivarian 22 was born today on 10-10.  She is a compilation of…

  • Nutritional science I love and study.
  • Experimenting for over 20 years on how to share nutrition.
  • Coaching 1,000’s of clients and we are always learning.
  • Learning how to adjust and discern for yourself.
  • Believing in practicing compassion and self-compassion are the ways to become healthy in mind, body and spirit.

I wanted people to practice a process versus trying to fit an all or none program into their life. I desire that our lives be enhanced by adding in nourishment practices, philosophies, recipes that makes us moan, self-care, and expanding our conscious mind-set.

Many of my friends and clients try other programs such as Whole 30, Paleo Diet, Vegan and many Cleansing programs, I wanted to create something that could be supportive while you are experimenting and a program that could stand alone. I feel when we follow programs to rigidly we are missing out on the long game and these experiments can stress out the body and it can be more difficult to find balance.

If all you say after the 22 day process is “I never thought of it that way”, then life as you know it has shifted and my job is complete:)

The process consists of 3 phases with each phase incorporating your emotional and physical well being. MANY other programs do not focus on how your emotional state is effecting you and how to support this very important aspect of yourself.

Why this process may or may not be for you? If you have struggled figuring out who to believe about your health and nutrition, this may be what you were needing. If you desire freedom to be who you are meant to be and want to be more empowered as a person, this may be a fun experiment to play with. This program is EXACT opposite of an all or none program. If you have strong will power and a critical mind set, this style may challenge you and your beliefs. Creating more compassion for yourself will help you and your everyone around you. Give it a go!

When to do this process?: There is NEVER a perfect time to start due to our daily demands, and that why this program isn’t about perfection or being off or on a program. Try not to force this program when you have many social engagements, travel, vacation or times of emotional and life stress. You will have access to the process and materials for 90 days. 

You receive: 

  • Guidance: An e-book that guides you through the process, including grocery lists, how to shift your mind set, how to scan your body every day. You also receive the Conscious Nutrition Recipe book and The Follow Your Cravings Guide complementary.
  • 22-days of daily emails and videos that offer daily tips, support and instruction. This is the heart of the program. You can go at your own pace, soak up what and when you need to apply to adjust your own process. After you sign up, you receive an overview of Phase 1 and prior each phase, so you have an extra day to mentally and logistically prepare.
  • 22-days of journals to support your conscious awareness of how food affects your body. You can journal on your own or we offer an additional service for you to send your journal to us and receive feedback each week.

I am so excited to share this with you all. If you have worked with me before, this process is a combination of my past group programs, personal coaching and journaling. If you desire more personal support there are add-on options during the process to give you more individual guidance.

Click here to learn more about the process and the Add-ons:

See you everyday thru the videos if you decide to get your Intuitivarian on,

With love,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

P.S. I changed the price from $222 to $88 until the end of 2017!!:)

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