One Meal a Day is the Feeling Diet Way

Scientists, medical professionals and marketing use to suggest that we eat 4-6 ounces of protein per meal? Does this still hold true?

Were we all steered in an extreme way to get our portion of meat per day? My parents grew up in the country, they worked hard and ate big meals to keep their energy sustained. Maybe there was a time and place for this. Due to the poor quality of our soil, population increase, consumer demands and expanded consciousness, times have changed. 

We do need protein for survival. But how much and can we get it from other more sustainable, healthy sources? I eat meat and as a nutritionist, I have been chastised for this. Recently, I was un-invited to speak about nutrition because of this. I totally believe we all have to learn and understand our OWN constitution, beliefs, personal evolution and body’s needs. Forcing others to go cold turkey (pun intended), is enforcing another dogma and can create more separation and shame. I have heaps of Vegetarian friends, that have made this choice due to spiritual and physical beliefs. I so believe my mind, body and soul will align in time, and I have learned that force, will make my REBEL•er, COMFORT•er feel attacked. The goal is that we create more compassion with ourselves and others as they travel on their path. (Have you taken the quiz yet to find out what type of Feeling Eater your are?)

When I work with clients, they complete an extensive intake form so I can learn more about their relationship with food, body type, personality and the physical symptoms they are experiencing. It isn’t just about the food, it is more about what your OWN body needs to stay balanced. Some of us (women shout out), may crave a bit more protein/meat around our cycle and if you become Vegetarian, this may take some trial and error so your energy and iron levels do not drop. As you continue to practice, learn more about your constitution.

My definition of constitution involves: 

  • Your body type
  • Your blood type and ancestry
  • Your health history
  • Your percentage of muscle mass
  • Your immune system and how often you are on antibiotics
  • How active you are
  • Your age, antioxidant levels and free radical damage 
  • Your hormone surges
  • Your stress levels
  • Your self-talk is it negative or positive
  • How you relate and adjust to stress
  • Why your body emotionally feels under attack

As you can see, it is not linear, however a super dynamic process to learn about your SELF! ​

There is a movement called OMD (One Meal a Day) of eating plant based. THIS IS BRILLIANT. If you follow the Conscious Nutrition Food Tree, you will notice I have three Meal Types that are plant based, and experimenting with these will help you lead with your body versus your mind saying you “need more protein”.  The amount of meat I was clinically taught that people needed and I personally consume has drastically diminished. This could be related by the quality of meat and how it is being raised, we have other resources and collectively we are becoming extremely educated about nutrition. ​

What’s poison for one person, may be the best medicine for another. Learning about yourself is the KEY! 

If you are ready to create your OWN program, The Feeling Diet INTRO Course begins October 29th! This 3-week class will help you dive into your Feeling Eater Type and support you BEFORE and during the holidays!

Learn more about the INTRO course here!

Heather Fleming, REBEL with a cause! 

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