An ode to the Conscious Nutrition Food Tree

Is the Conscious Nutrition Food Tree out-dated or is it a tool to help eliminate nutrition confusion? This tree started out as a piece of paper with a bunch of diagrams to help people visualize meal planning and understand nutritional science. As I continue to question the tools I share, I enjoy observing what unfolds by this evolution.

I was about to throw out the Conscious Nutrition Food Tree last year. I thought it was time to figure out a new way to help people. As I struggled to figure this out, I realized it wasn’t the tree but it was the teacher. I got bored with it, thought it was holding me back and needed to stoke my creative fire. So I went ballz out and created videos, a new day-to-day process and stopped group programs until I figured out how to help others the best.

How many times have you looked for something else in your life, only to find out you already have what you need? This may have been my upteen-th time with my business or more in other aspects in my life. So, that being said, I trust that we are evolving at our own timing. For example, if you told me 5 years ago I would be eating a more vegetarian lifestyle, I would have never believed you and resisted change. Instead my balance within a month now includes less meat and more vegetarian meals as my body continually discovers its own rhythms. That is how the Food Tree is here to serve.

Do you know what Meal Types your body needs in a day, week or a month? Once you discover your rhythm of Protein, Starch (Vegetarian), Combined, or Vegan (fats & veggies) meals you need you won’t have to try to follow a perfect program. You can try short-term (suggest 3-weeks) experimenting with different processes to discover your rhythm. During these experiments you will learn more about your body versus trying to follow an all or none program.

Before you take a deeper look at the tree, here is a little poem that my creativity needed to express…

“O dear Conscious Nutrition Food Tree
You have been so faithful and dear to me

We have come along away after all these years
Helping people create meals that release their fears

Whether they choose to eat protein meals like a caveman
or eat veggies, fruits and nuts like a vegetarian

Thank you for being the image to nourish everyone toward their fate
as we will all be happier humans as we sleep and poop great

When we listen and trust ourselves
Like Tom Petty says, there is no place else”

To learn more about your body and practice different meal types, please join us for the Conscious Nutrition RESET beginning April 16th. Click here

And to learn more about the tree, take a look below or head to the youtube channel to learn more:

 A video to learn more…

Thank you everyone for being a part of my life expression,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N


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