Nourishment Phase 1: Day 7!

Nourishment Phase Day 7!

Enhancing your relationship with meal preparation.



My first job was in a grocery store I should have gone on the price is right, totally would have won.

What’s your attitude around food prep? Do you try to always plan? and if you don’t shit hits the fan?

Do you know how many days a week you like to cook?

Grocery List making, Dining out, Pantry support

When was the last time you moaned over food? I challenge you to moan over a meal within the next 48 hours.

Farmers Markets u0026amp; CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

Staples (Safe Meals coming in phase 3)

Family meal planning ideas: Start with a veggie as a base, then add in what the cook is craving, and make a side dish for the other. For example you are craving quinoa and know they will not eat it, so the side dish for them is a meat while you have quinoa and veggies as your main.