Be-Friend Your Relationship with Food!

Do you have a complicated relationship with how you interact with food?
If so, this course is for you!

As a recovering perfectionist and obsessive foodie in search of the perfect diet, I want to share how we can learn to totally trust our inner wisdom.

Food is AMAZING, it offers us energy, comfort, relief, connection with friends, so why do we sometimes feel out of control with it?

Are you exhausted from the mental and physical Yo-Yo Dieting Roller Coaster?

It is time to release the perfectionism and extreme approach.

The intention of your process is for you to feel more fully connected and free in your body.

Learning about your self is a consistent journey, and expanding your consciousness on how you are responsible to yourself IS the program. When you enhance and shift your mind set, then the facts are easier to clarify.

We don’t get there, we are already there. 

What holds us back is…

  • Past programming
  • Old beliefs
  • Habits
  • Daily resistance 

As your observe your unfolding, shifting of beliefs, feeling new feelings and discover what truly nourishes you, your program will develop right before your eyes.

When you understand your Food Relationship Type better it will help you achieve more JOY & Self-Trust

During the 4-week Master Class we use to help you feel into your nutrition program are:

  • Experiments with different modalities and specific foods
  • Breath work
  • 30 Day Meal Plan to help you feel safe and supported
  • Gently detoxify your gut, liver, kidneys and lungs. 
  • Journaling and I provide feedback!

You Are the Program.


The Nourish with Heather
4-week LIVE Master Class

If you are a person who wants to be connected to their nutrition process by liberating yourself from following restricted programs for the rest of your life, welcome to the

The Master Class process! 

If you are

  • Done obsessing over your weight
  • Done trying to follow a program that worked for you the first time, but now not the second or third or fourth
  • Done feeling mentally exhausted trying to control what you eat
  • Done COUNTING points, calories, carbs and fats!

This 4-week process is all about you connecting with your WHOLE self and this is how we do it.. (insert music lyrics here)

What's included in your 4-week process:

Personal Support with Heather

Personal & Group Support

Each week our group will meet to review the Master Class curriculum. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and discuss your personal process.

During your 4-week process you will experiment with journaling and you will submit 3-days of journaling to me and I will offer you feedback.

Conscious Nutrition Recipe Book

You will receive the Conscious Nutrition Recipe book to help you implement different Meal Types as we gently shift your nutrition perspective.

Conscious Books

Private Facebook Community

This is the hub where I will be showering you with insights, videos, recipes and implementation of the process. If group is not your thing, please be an observer of you:) and still join.


Grocery lists, supplement suggestions, SIMPLE menu ideas, and other play-sheets!

Each week you will have simple to follow worksheets to help your nourishing process.

Wait, There’s More!!

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Begins September 28th, 2021 

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