Nourish a rhythm that sustains and helps you thrive


Nourish a rhythm that sustains you and helps YOU thrive. 

My friend Buffy Owens of Conscious Movements said this statement in a post the other day, it stopped me in my tracks and cleared up why I do and LOVE my career. 

I have received heaps of inquiries of people trying to do either Keto, Intermittent Fasting (IF), and now doing BOTH at the same time! 

I so appreciate Keto, Intermittent Fasting (IF), Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Mediterranean, Ayurvedic, Food Elimination Programs, Raw foods and Breatharian philosophies. 

These philosophies have merit and can be supportive. However, I am a bit concerned we are going to the extreme and this doesn’t support trusting our body when we are trusting the rules.

We are all unique and different. Our bodies give us subtle messages when we need…

  1. More quality fats in a meal=Keto diet
  2. Skip a meal or eat light for a day= IF
  3. A day or more without meat=Vegan & Vegetarians
  4. Kitchari Dish topped with Ghee=Ayurvedic
  5. Freshly baked sourdough, hummus, olives=Mediterranean
  6. Take out foods that could be causing inflammation, then bring them back in: Food Elimination Programs
  7. Fresh fruits and salads=Raw Foods
  8. Breathwork exercises=Breatharian

But the #1 thing that works is knowing your SELF, body and mind, so intimately that you can add in what you need WHEN you need it. 

I personally feel these extreme diets are trying to LEAD us toward our own rhythms. We desire to be in rhythm with nature and our bodies and that is why they are so popular, especially now when we all feel out of synch.

Also, what is the main reason you are diving into the extreme plan

Is it for 

  • Accountability? 
  • To achieve a certain result? 
  • Are you scared to NOT feel in control? 
  • To get that weight off once and for all? 

I know one thing for sure, our body is smarter than all of these programs and it is very challenging to ‘outwit’ it. I recommend diving deeper into your subconscious patterns, automatic habits and stay curious about your OWN unique and amazing body. 

These extreme plans can cause a disconnect between your Vagus nerve and your brain. Your Vagus nerve is the vagabond nerve that delivers messages FROM your body to your brain. It protects you from your external environment and also and can help you choose what your body needs in the moment and even future. 

I do understand the extreme, my obsessive, perfectionist nature wants to ‘force’ things to achieve certain results. And as a radical free spirit, in the last 3 months, I bought and sold an RV, helped open up a restaurant, lived in a cottage with an outdoor toilet and shower and soon am jumping into another RV adventure with a friend to go on a road trip and FINALLY visit my mom after 3 years. 

What sustained me the most during these intense 3 months, was my connection to my Inner Compass and to not fall down the rabbit hole of being so intense and take everything too seriously. Also, I brought myself back to the present moment by asking this question every day and sometimes every hour…

What do I need NOW, to feel nourished?

I think our spirit craves adventure, and maybe we don’t need to obsess over our food too…Or do we control and obsess over food, $, relationships, etc. to deny our spirit to feel freer? 

My past obsessive behavior around food came from a place of unworthiness, fear, worry, confusion and kept me from really believing and trusting myself. From this operating system, it was NOT about the food, it was the constant stress, hormonal disruption and deep fear that was causing more disconnect than ‘falling off the diet’. 

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with abundant nourishment, 

Heather Fleming, C.C.N. 

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