NO “Off or On” Your Healthy Life & One Week RESET

I am learning so much about my business. I find that it is effortless for me to believe in my clients and develop tools and programs to support them along their journey. The harder part is the accountability thing. Life changes so fast, and if you have the resources to adapt then you are going to stay in the game. It is when we are overwhelmed and stressed that we step out of the game, and usually healthy lifestyle choices go on the back burner.

It is about managing stress skillfully so it doesn’t become repetitive and damaging. It is completely our responsibility to know ourselves and when we are stressed what we need to do to get back to our healthy balance.
Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.
~ Stephen Hawking ~

Tips to get you back to balance
1. Journal & watch your thoughts: Set your mindset up for success
2. 5 Deep Breaths of Gratitude before meals
3. Vegetable Juice & Protein Shake Day: Have one day of JUST liquids; Protein shakes, Veggie juices, and soups. This will give your body nutrition and support.
4. Jump on a trampoline (rebounding) for 10 minutes within an hour of waking. The first hour of your day sets you up for success and rebounding is a great way to get the blood flowing and remove toxins.
5. Laugh! If you are complaining a lot, we don’t want to her you all the time. Might as well laugh a bit, it helps with wrinkles and abdominal muscles.

Most of you know that I don’t like to do all or none programs. However, a week of hyper focus and support can get you right back on track. This one week program will offer you a week of coaching calls & meal plans to get your body nourished and balanced.
Sunday June 24th @ 7 am (PST) Teleconference that is recorded for your convenience.
Sign Up Here for Reset Intense
What to do after?
If you would like more of an individual program, Conscious Nutrition has a Customized Report for $65.
We have it all for you when you are ready to design your healthy lifestyle!

Happy Summer,
Heather Fleming

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