My vices are…& a red and green holiday dish

Hope you are taking deep breaths and taking care of you and your loved ones as we keep putting one foot in front of the other into more unknown territory.

While I share my nutrition philosophy and principles down here in Mexico at Rancho la Puerta, I learn so much about us amazing and complicated humans.

At the end of my talks for the week, a woman asked me to help her with her vices. She said they were coffee and wine and what ‘should’ she do about them. The whole crowd got wide-eyed and I could read everyone’s mind wondering what I was going to say and noticing how NO WAY were they ever going to ‘give these up’.

Mind you, my WHOLE, entire philosophy NEVER brings up what you need to give up, omit, restrict, deprive etc. Instead, it is all about learning about how you relate to your psyche and body by experimenting with YOURSELF!

So, I pause, and ask her an off the wall question, “Were you taught to be a good girl and that good girls don’t rock the boat”?

Her eyes got wide and she said YES. She was making herself wrong and wine and coffee now were ‘bad’ so she was bad. The other reason I said this was to help her get into feeling (right brain) instead of judgment thinking (left brain). She has spent a lifetime judging these foods and making them her Achilles heel.

There are foods that can cause inflammation for some of us and not for others. And if she is berating herself over the wine and coffee every day, which do you think causes more inflammation? Her judgment or the things that bring her joy.

What we resist, persists

So, you wake up and say “I am NOT going to have or I am going to give up…

coffee or wine or cheese or wheat or pizza or sugar or pastries, the list can go on and on…

Instead, you FOCUS on FEEL. What do you need THIS day, THIS moment, THIS meal. And it could be just subtle tweaks every day that can help your blood sugar, liver and digestive tract function more efficiently. Also, the more we experiment at the moment we aren’t bringing our heavy baggage of subconscious patterns auto-pilot habits with us.

Think of focusing more of what you want instead of what you don’t want. My favorite example is, I don’t want to spill on my white shirt. Guess what, you WILL spill on the white shirt because you focused on it with an emotional charge. How much time are you spending on focusing on what you WANT with food, health issues or weight gain? Or are you spending the bulk of your time on what you fear and don’t want?

Some simple steps to FEEL vs. Force:

1. Take 5 deep breaths when you feel the judgment sneak in. Your head is ruling and it is time for us to connect our brain to our gut as often as we can.

2. How does your digestive tract feel in this moment?: Are you feeling bloated, tired, thirsty or sluggish? Do these foods trigger you to feel depressed or judge yourself more? If so, drink some tea, take the supplements you resonate within THIS EXACT moment. My favorites are: Vitamin B’s, Magnesium & Digestive Enzymes. (I will share my favorites in my upcoming free class) When we are under stress, our body leeches minerals from our bones and organs.

3. Does your inner critic or REBEL rule your day? Even though she was being so critical about her vices, she was still rebelling against ‘doing the right thing’ and having them. This can feel mentally exhausting when we are in being loyal to criticizing ourselves or rebelling against our critic. In these moments, is when you drench yourself in self-compassion. I usually say to myself “oh babe, are you sure we want mac-n-cheese for breakfast or what is REALLY going on?” And usually, it is just a feeling that needs some space to be felt. Research shows that the feeling may move through within 60-90 seconds, but most of us don’t give ourselves this time to FEEL. Now is as good of a time to start as EVER!

4. ADD Nourishment: I had two beautiful friends come over for an outside meal and I tuned in on what helps us feel nourished as well as light. I had this dish at a party over 10 years and haven’t made it for a while, it was a YES for our group!

Gluten Free Pasta/shaved parmesan basil salad
caption for image

If you are ready to relate to some of your vices differently, I am giving away my FREE 5-day Jump Start program to help YOU NOTICE how you are approaching your nutrition.

I am NOT able to tell you what to eat every day. Instead, I guide you to TRY a new approach and observe your OWN body, how you relate to yourself and revisit some of the automatic habits that may or may not be serving you.

There is NO amount of $, accountability, time or resources to FIX this outside of you.

Instead, YOU Be-friend how you relate to your OWN beautiful and complicated psyche, your own resistance, and this will help you gain more self-understanding.

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