My Gift to You

I  attended another leadership conference this weekend, held by one of the biggest hearted women I know, Manna Ko.  I want to share some of the nuggets of goodness with you.  The first nugget was a simple and beautiful lesson I learned.  I brought a tea in from another store, and I kept filling it with hot water at the competitor. Of course I felt I was bothering this lovely person, and I said to her, I will buy your tea tomorrow, and this courageous woman’s words were “ Heck no, always get what you want”.  Which if some of you know me, this is totally what I believe and live by.  Actually, the tag line for my new empowerment project is “You Can Have it All”.  So, the next morning I brought her in my favorite “jasmine tea” and she poured out her coffee and loved it, and I let her know how much she taught me in her one statement.

My gift for you all is, I see you as the healthiest version of you. So when your words, thoughts, actions, activities, and “food choices” don’t add up to your goals, I don’t give up on you, because I get to hold the vision and hope of where you are going and where you want to be.

I feel like a part of me wants to be with you all day to support you (food logJ) and then the other part of me wants to set you free to trust yourself.  This is the balance and the journey for you to find your happy medium.  Believe me you will have the down days and then the days when you feel like a million bucks.  This is life, and with the connection you have with your food this will provide you the freedom to let go of the old patterns and have so much more free time to create a whole new set of issues and bigger things to worry about.

Quiz:  If you are happy in many aspects of your life you will naturally eat better OR if you eat better you will become happy in many aspects of your life.  WOW!! Which one is it or is it both??? Let me know your thoughts?

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