My birthday gift to you~3-Steps to Make Any Nutrition Plan Work for You!

Aloha!! It is my birthday! I turn 45 years old this week and am spending it on an organic farm in Kauai and then heading to Maui to visit friends. It is interesting to think about being half way done with my life, that is, if I am blessed to live and thrive another 45 years. When I was younger woman, I would have thought I would have a family, hubby and a white picket fence by now. Instead, I am fenceless, super single, sold everything I owned to live on a boat and have been a gypsy for the last 5 years. This life that I chose and that chose me has been more focused on my business, friendships and exploring new places. Conscious Nutrition has been my baby, my personal growth monitor, expression of my spirit, my mirror to self acceptance and sometimes my business has seemed like my enemy. There are many times that I have felt lost and defeated trying to keep my business stay afloat. I often wonder how I can support others better to help them break through resistance to change habits or how the heck do I help people with all of the different nutrition trends, changes, fads and extreme diets that are out there? A lot of the time, my work has been super uncomfortable and vulnerable for me as I share my philosophy and ideas. I have tried to fire myself heaps of time to prevent me from the discomforts of feeling rejected, not enough and disempowered. Now, I have finally realized I would have been quitting on myself.

After years of dieting, trying to be the perfect nutritionist, reading every book I could get my hands on, rebelling on weekends pretending not to care about what I ate always left me feeling frustrated or discontent with my food choices. I use to feel so much shame and powerless with my complicated relationship with food and didn’t know how to support my body. Now, I have finally freed myself. By practicing a variety of nutrition modalities and experimenting, I realized the best way to develop your own individualized program is through self trust by listening to your inner knowing. Even if I am rebelling or emotionally eating (which is quite often:), I NOW feel empowered to recalibrate by mind and body and will NEVER feel guilty about my food choices, again.

Let’s start by replacing the word nutrition with nourishment. What comes to mind? Sunshine, laughter, fresh fruit, walking barefoot on the grass or a conversation with a friend? We have over complicated nutritional science and have tried to force the body into extreme diets and conditions which can only cause more stress. This confusion around what to eat was initiated about 30-40 years ago, when we tried to mimic mother nature with technology while convenience became the focus over what was truly healthy for our bodies and the environment. These processed foods challenged our organ functions, disconnected us to our hunger signals and caused blood sugar, neurotransmitter and cellular imbalances. This is the perfect storm to create a life filled with dis-ease and malnourishment.

Now is the time to start over with how you relate to your food choices and begin a new trajectory on how to nourish your mind and body FULLY. You are the guru of you and are creating your own individualized nutrition program every day. I am so excited to help get you there by sharing my 3-Steps to Make ANY Meal Plan work for you!

If you are burned out on dieting, over thinking about what to eat or worried if you are doing it right? Try practicing these 3 Steps as you keep on observing and evolving your health, consciousness and wellness.

Download the 3-Steps here!

Once you download the 3-Steps, please peruse! Then you will receive more information that will break down each step along with meal ideas, other Conscious Nutrition support tools and freebies!

Starting October 1st, we will be doing a LIVE group RESET program. For 3 weeks, you will be practicing the 3-Steps, add in new recipes, whole food smoothies, self-care tips and much more. We will be practicing the different Meal Types each week and you will be able to observe how your body responds. When we take this extra time to nourish ourselves, we can heal our gut, decongest the organs and clear the mind.

Get RESETTED here!

Please share your insights and observations while you implement the 3-steps into your life.

With abundant nourishment,

THE BIRTHDAY GIRL, Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

P.S. We would be delighted and honored if you forwarded this email to anyone you know who is a burned out dieter or has a disgruntled relationship with food.

It is time for a Fall RESET!

Join the Conscious Nutrition community’s 3-week RESET. During these 3 weeks you will experiment with the 4 different Meal Types as you release some foods and habits that are not serving you!

We have a call every Monday @ 5 pm PST recorded for your listening convenience.

Hope to see you and support you!

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