Movie Review: “1 a Minute” Regarding Breast Health

I am delighted to always be researching and then decipher how it can be best relayed toward optimal wellness. I believe all or none is NOT optimal wellness, even when it comes to cancer.

Cancer is a touchy subject and the individual is the person in charge. The doctors, acupuncturist, homeopaths, and other health activists are their cheerleaders to ONLY see the healthiest version of them carve the path on their journey.

The movie was done amazingly well and the women who shared their experience only shared from their heart and not the statistics. A couple of my takeaways were from Deepak Chopra & Melissa Ethridge.

Deepak commented on how stress can be like a wave in the ocean. If you are a skillful surfer then it is a delight, if you are not a skilled surfer than each wave cause more stress. As we all are aware, stress is the number one cause for DIS-ease. Implementing tools that assist you when stress arises is key.

Melissa’s comment mentioned how you need to un-clutter your mind and body and then reset your conscious mindset to something more healthy and supportive. Whether that is your negative mental chatter, or stresses that keep showing up daily.

Hope you all enjoy the movie,

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