Motivational Binges

Recently, a client described her usual pattern of getting psyched up to do a “new” program, put all the leg work into it, begin with great intentions only to find out a week or two later it all went to pot. I really wanted to say shit, but I didn’t:)

I personally have had many of these highs and crashes. I start journaling and write, this week, month, year “I am going to overcome _____”.  There is usually a fear backing one of these motivational binges, something you want to run away from. So instead of looking at the fear, we try to control it with an over the top structured way of avoiding it. We spend more energy and money on a new diet, cleanse, relationship workshop (ME!), shopping spree, or you name it.

Extreme binges and behaviors usually set us up for a let down or more fires to put out. So, I will always put my money on the turtle vs the crazy rabbit. The turtle takes a moment to look at its surroundings, adjusts when needed, stays calm, and has the same amount of energy and will as it did when it began versus feeling spent, disappointment and disempowered at the end of the race.

So, I didn’t sign up for this latest workshop to “fix” and control me and my fears. Instead I honored the part of me that wanted to overcome and create a false sense of safety. And what do you know, another opportunity that was more aligned with my heart showed up.

Why is it that we are always so hard on ourselves to succeed? Are we trained or is it ingrained? How can we be mindfully action oriented and eliminate more of the crashes?

My client did an amazing job with her planning techniques. However, she would get thrown off if something in her day didn’t go according to that plan. Which is pretty much called life. Instead of spending so much time creating the plan, try anticipating what you may need when the plan goes awry.

How to stay in the turtle zone with meal planning: 

  1. Take inventory: Try to have your basics at home to create safe meals that keep you feeling satiated and nourished. Some safe meals may include: Eggs and veggies, Veggie Curry Stir Fry, Protein Shakes, Veggies & hummus, Lentil Soup , and to get into the fall season Roasted yams with fennel . All found in my Conscious Nutrition Recipe Book
  2. Be Realistic: Try not to make a new recipe on a day when you are have more stress and a heavier schedule. Try the new recipe on a more relaxing day when you can put yourself first and nurture you and your family. Most people try to over plan, and may miss out on something that their body needed that was simpler and more convenient. For example, one morning you wake up and are not hungry, but you want to make a complicated smoothie, when all you may have needed was a piece of fruit and Macadamia Nuts. (my favorite nut lately:)
  3. Connect with your body: There are SO many nutrition programs, promoters, self-proclaimed experts out there, and it is can feel overwhelming. I challenge you to be curious BUT only connect with your body. How do you do this? My favorite way to teach this, is having my clients take deep breaths and connect with their body versus their mind. Check in ask your body if you want hot or cold food and sweet or savory. This is how you find balance and feel where your YES is in your body.
  4. Get into the Flow: In this state, the highest human state of performance and productivity happens with your mind and emotions. Really successful people are those who get themselves into this state far more often than the average. You feel elated and clear. Everything you do seems effortless and accurate. You feel happy and energetic. You experience a tremendous sense of calm and personal effectiveness. This will help you take action at a more peaceful pace.
  5. Know when to sprint: So, when you are extra motivated and all of this is aligning, then go for it. Sprint and experiment with your edges. Push yourself a bit, try new foods, new habits, new exercises, new books. From Pema Chodron’s book, “The Places that Scare You”, she recommends to begin our day being open, flexible and kind. When we feel uncertainty, try not to avoid fear, and let life harden our heart, but to relate to life directly, and how we handle the discomfort.

Keep your turtle shell on, but don’t let it harden you or hold you back,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N


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