Practice Moderation in Moderation

A friend was telling me her co-worker eats 1/2 a chocolate chip cookie every day. She gently nudges him to eat the whole cookie. I asked if he is healthy and has she noticed if he is losing body fat? She said no, he doesn’t look any different. Does practicing moderation support him toward his goals or keep him from them?


I was watching Super Soul Sunday on the Oprah channel this weekend. I was blessed to watch Maya Angelou’s interview. She is the woman who wrote “I know why the cage bird sings” and one of her famous quotes is “People will forget what you said and what you did. They will never forget how you made them feel.”

During her Oprah interview, she mentioned to be cautious of moderation. I personally do not prefer this word, moderation can hold you back from trusting yourself. I want the man to trust himself so much that he knows when to eat the whole cookie and when to not give the cookie a second thought. Moderation with his cookie intake is taking away his power, and giving it to the cookie.
Tips for taking your power back:
1. Watch your thoughts: Why don’t you feel safe making the decision to trust yourself to decide what is best for you?
2. Stay calm & carry on: Take 5 deep breaths when you are feeling out of control about food choices.
3. Step back & look at the bigger picture: Don’t fret over your daily intake, step back and look at your entire week and see what patterns and habits are supporting you.
4. Do you obsess over why you ate something? Instead, focus on adding in what foods your body needs to compliment some of the choices that didn’t serve you best.
5. Live life fully: Knowing when to give 110% or knowing when to give 50% is WISDOM. We want to give it our all, however we can become depleted, so knowing which experiences to tackle head on or to wait for the right timing.

Here is the link for Maya’s interview “Maya Angelou on Oprah”

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