Mocha Madness

I have been having a few clients craving Mochas, especially the Peppermint version at you know where. Why do we crave this sugary drink? To cover up physical & emotional pain? Does our stress hormones make us order it?

One of my clients said I have saved her heaps of money. She could have paid for 2 years of college for her sons with the amount of money she spent on Mochas before we met. For one mocha a day, not the two that she was drinking was $5 (tip included) X 30 days = $150 a month. Wow.

3 Reasons these decadent treats take us over:

  1. Cold & Sweet: When you crave too ice and cold, your body may be over heated. The liver could be working over time and then the brain wants to cool it down. It isn’t “bad” to have some coolness, however try getting it from foods vs. ice drinks. Foods such as; cucumber, lemon, peppermint, radish, kelp, swiss chard and grapefruit. *Try peppermint stevia in with your coffee, Dandy Blend (dandelion root), and teas with a splash of nut milk. *Add in cucumber and mint into your water.
  2. Comfort: My client mentioned her pain and connected it with her mocha craving. This is amazing awareness. Her nervous system and pain receptors were on overdrive, and the sweetness of the mocha supported her to take a break from the pain by numbing out the nerves sensitivity. We love and use food for comfort all throughout the day. Observe how many times you go to the fridge during the day out of habit or a quick fix to distract you from your day.
  3. The Sweet Crave & not getting enough quality: It is natural for us to crave more sweet in the colder weather. Our body is wired to take in more quality carbohydrates at this time of year, such as root vegetables, winter squashes, sweet potatoes, and persimmons. We have over consumed sweets in the form of artificial sweeteners, soft drinks, gum, candy, etc. This has thrown off our circuits and making us crave more sweet in replacement of quality.

If you are on the sugar roller coaster, add in MORE high quality fats, proteins and vegetables into your day. If you crave or eat sweet, add in lemon water, veggie juice, and take some deep breaths to oxygenate those cells who are in deprivation mode.

We are here to support you and help you get off the sugar roller coaster. Remember, it takes 72 hours for sugar to leave your body. It is a tough addiction to surrender too.

Stay sweet,
Heather Fleming, C.C.N


Photo by: Henner Zeller

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