Meat Free Mondays with Paul McCartney and Woody Harrelson’s Take on Health

I had the pleasure to listening to an amazing Food Revolution Summit. I heard Paul McCartney’s Meat Free Monday’s song and Woody Harrelson’s insights on why he chooses conscious eating.

Why go meat free and why not?

In the U.S. we had the Memorial Day holiday, which consists of BBQ’s and picnics. After these types of weekends, it is a great idea to incorporate more alkaline foods and try a vegetarian day to reboot.

Clean up the Environment

The livestock sector is one of the top contributors to the most serious environmental problems. World scientists on the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) agree that we need to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by 80 per cent by 2050 in order to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Spread Compassion

Most animals are raised in intensive factory farms, in cramped, overcrowded cages, sheds and pens. Supporting this method of raising and slaughtering meat is challenging our health and social standards.  Eating less meat or mindfully purchasing meat from quality sources is a compassionate step that helps prevent cruelty and suffering.

So why Not?

Listening to your body is number one. You may need to go Meat Free on Friday vs. Monday, and more even more days than one. The more alkaline your body is (eating more vegetables, Omega 3’s, and quality proteins), less likely disease symptoms will be part of your livelihood. You need to know your body better than anyone else. Even Paul:)

Woody Harrelson also shared his insights at the Summit. During his long work days on set, he prefers to eat raw & vegan, and eating small meals that support his taste buds and using avocado for texture. He mentioned how this keeps his mind clear, energy lifted and consistent. He seemed very balanced outside of work by conscious eating and he owns the first Vegan Beer Garden in the Los Angeles area.

If you are new with understanding your body, Meatless Monday’s are a great way to bring in more conscious eating.

If you know your body and want to experiment, and do this, please share some of your favorite meal ideas if you are craving meat.


Heather Fleming



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