Master Cleanse or Conscious Cleansing?

You may know, have tried or have seen someone drinking the lemon, cayenne pepper and molasses concoction before. The master cleanse has been around for many years and gained popularity when Beyonce gave it a whirl. Diets and celebrities go hand and hand.

The chemistry and beliefs around this cleanse and other fasting techniques have some merit. When we give our digestion a break from processing food, this allows the organs to catch up on their necessary functions more efficiently. However, these organs need vital nutrients to do their job correctly. If you deprive the body too long, this can create hormone imbalances and cause reactions later. I recommend and prefer cleanses that contain high quality foods to support you in long term health and vitality.

A few things to consider before you cleanse.

  1. Make sure the cleanse you choose doesn’t cause more harm or stress.  When you eliminate food, the body isn’t receiving necessary nutrients to balance hormones, support nervous system and hydrate organs.
  2. Do not try to follow the program perfectly, however listen to your body and adjust when necessary. This is not failure, it is success. For example, Week 2 of the Conscious Nutrition RESET program recommends to try a week of no meat. If your digestion isn’t working superbly, meat can be difficult to digest and breakdown causing an inflammatory response. However, I have personally added meat a time or two on the RESET program, and have instructed many people to also. Especially for people who need more sustenance and digest well.
  3. Coming off the cleanse is more important than the cleanse itself. If you cleanse correctly, the burger and fries craving will be gone by Week 2. If you are still craving these, try to add in more healthy fat and fermented vegetables. Week 3 of the Conscious Nutrition RESET program focuses on bringing certain foods back in one at a time for 48 hours. This provides you with information if certain foods cause mucus, congestion, brain fog, or digestive distress.
  4. Have high quality supplementation on hand to support you through different phases of the cleanse. These supplements come in handy when high quality food isn’t available or if your body detoxes too quickly.
  5. If you are cleansing for emotional or spiritual beliefs, please do so with a proper guide to support you daily.

Congratulations on the courage to take the leap to become a cleanser. This alone is a win!

Let’s do this!

Heather Fleming

P.S. The Conscious Nutrition RESET Program begins January 13th at 6 p.m. PST, I hope you will join us!



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