Make it rain, peace.

I have missed you. I took a few weeks off of social media and paused offering my services so I could turn inward.

My family needed me, I needed them and wanted to be present for it all. I focused my attention on what was going on around me and WITHIN me.

Recently, I heard this term, fractured focus, the division of your attention across multiple tasks. I use to pride myself on being a multitasker. Now, with all going on in the world and around me, it feels loud and overwhelming.

I heard a story regarding how an intention was set for a ritual to call in rain. Everyone stood in a circle and focused their intention to feel the rain fall down on their faces for a few minutes. Maybe this is similar to the Native American rain dance ritual, dancing in the rain?

In the present moment, we can pause worrying and focus more on peace. What does the sensation of peace feel like on your face and in our world?

If you have a heck of a busy day, set aside time to take 15 minutes or more to process, reflect, and prioritize. Otherwise, our busy monkey minds will keep creating more noise and fractured focus.

“What I do affects you. What you do affects me. What I do to you will ultimately affect me. What you do to me will ultimately affect you”. From the book “Ethics of Caring”, by Kylea Taylor.

And while you are practicing focus, my Meals & Feels recipe book is available in print!

What’s for dinner? I hear this question asked often:) This recipe book will get your creative juices flowing so you won’t spend so much time mentally exhausted from strategizing on what to eat. Your FEELS will lead you.

And if you are cooking for your family, YOUR FEELS matter, and start there and I am certain they will benefit.

Each recipe is broken down by Temperature Type, Flavor Type, & Meal Type.

You will focus on tuning into your body and then choosing a recipe that nourishes you.

Recipe Book

And you can purchase your copy of the Feels & Meals .

If you are not an Amazon lover, you can purchase . (US only, a bit more expensive since I have 2 shipping fees).

Thank you for your continuous support.

with abundant nourishment,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

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