Low energy health foods

When you wake up every morning do you go into autopilot and make a “healthy” breakfast? Later in the day are these foods causing inflammation and energy crashes, leaving you and your body frustrated?

A client recently shared her typical day with me. Many of the foods in her daily menu were considered healthy if you follow one of the many different diet formulas. However, by her list of symptoms, energy level and over all life-force and joy, she was living off of fumes from these foods. We all tend to have an accumulation of stress and factors thrown at us that can make our bodies go into fight and flight.

The timing of nutrition that aligns with your body is the secret to success. Everyone and every day is different. We want you to get the most out of your day, life and shine some light on where you may need more concentrated nutrition.

Some “health” foods that can cause digestive and life distress for my clients and myself are/were:

  1. Low-fat yogurt: The marketing of store bought yogurt makes us believe we are choosing a nutritious product. If yogurt works for your body, purchase whole-fat, plain and add in your own goodness, or make your own.
  2. Oatmeal (quick fix kind): Before you add the brown sugar, raisins, skim milk and other toppings, a bowl of oatmeal may have been what you needed. Try steel cut oats or overnight oats, but maybe not every morning.
  3. Cottage cheese: This may be my personal aversion. However, are you eating this as a “protein” source to help you get through the day? My client was forcing herself to eat this, lactose is still a sugar and what I want for her is that she received energy from her other meals and didn’t need this cottage cheese crutch.
  4. Turkey sandwiches: I forced myself to eat turkey sandwiches for years, thinking it was a healthy choice. After years of constant bloating and burnt out on this “healthy” option, along with the side of fruit and my digestion cleared up immediately.
  5. Whey protein: Some people and body types thrive on whey protein, just make sure your body is one of them. Try rotating different protein sources so you can decipher what your body thrives on.
  6. Xylitol: It may be ok in your toothpaste, but I have discovered when my clients come to me with many symptoms, we remove this ingredient and can see some relief.
  7. Eggs: Eggs are wonderful. Just be sure you are not overeating them. When my body began to crave less meat, I become more dependent on eggs for satiety and protein. Then like anything, you can over do it. Just be mindful with eggs and experiment not having them for breakfast everyday.

This is not a recommendation to take out these foods forever, just a suggestion to increase awareness around what symptoms in your body are not clearing up.

Twice a year we provide a 3-week RESET program for you to shake up your daily routine and discover what other foods you appreciate that provides you with more energy and vitality.

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Cheers to upgrading your nutrition,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.


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