Little Chubbies Become Inspired

I have been blessed to watch three ladies transform their lives this week.  We set up camp at a beautiful lake home outside of Yuma, Arizona.

The ladies began their journey as vegans, for two days they, tried vegetables that they didn’t know existed.  As we started to let go of old programming, conditioning, and habits that did not serve them the moods changed along with their palates.

They began the next phase:  Emotional Release.  Some philosophies believe that any “dis-ease” in the body is from an old unprocessed emotion.  The usual suspects are; fear, guilt, anger, and lack of self-love, these emotions lead us to a life of stress and disease symptoms.  I witnessed more “a-ha” moments than Oprah does during a whole month.  The little chubbies were becoming lighter inside and out!

As the week winded down their nervous systems finally relaxed with acupuncture, yoga, and massage.  As we began to introduce certain foods back to their diet we also incorporated the big grand finale:  ENEMA’s, as a true leader, I joined in the fun and also experienced my first.  The ladies became so in tune with their bodies and were weighing themselves before and after the procedure:).

I feel they noticed that their bodies love them and want to support them, however they ignored the signals for awhile.  They made vows to each other that they will love this beautiful vessel (body)  that allows us to live our dreams and discover the limitless possibilities this life can offer us.

Tonight we are going to cheers their determination with a glass of organic red wine:), which I may need two:)

With Love,

Heather Fleming, Happy Medium
aka Zenny (my nickname for the week, as their Zen master)

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